Queen Elizabeth National Park


About the Queen Elizabeth National Park

Located in south-western Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Park is a masterpiece of diverse ecosystems and the most popular savannah reserve in Uganda. It features savannah plains, crater lakes and the Kazinga Channel; a waterway that attracts a remarkable concentration of wildlife, including elephants, buffaloes and many species of birds. Game Drives offer the chance to see these species in their natural habitat, while boat safaris along the Kazinga Canal offer up-close views of hippos, crocodiles and waterfowl. Ishasha; a southern section of Queen Elizabeth National Park, is famous for its tree-climbing lions that add charm to the park.

Kazinga Channel Boat Safari

Take a Boat Safari along the Kazinga Channel to see
hippos, crocodiles, elephants and a variety of birdlife/

Game Drives

Experience Game Drives through the savannah plains to spot lions, buffaloes, elephants and more.

Ishasha Sector

Visit this area for a chance to see the famous tree-climbing lions.

Crater Lakes Exploration

Discover the park’s unique landscape by exploring its stunning crater lakes.

Mweya Peninsula

Enjoy breath-taking views of the park and Lake Edward from the Mweya Peninsula.