Lake Mburo National Park


About the Lake Mburo National Park

Located in western Uganda, Lake Mburo National Park stands out for its compact size and unique mix of ecosystems. It is the only National Park in Uganda where you can find impalas and zebras. The landscape of the park includes acacia forests, savannah plains and papyrus swamps around Lake Mburo. Activities in this park include Game Drives to see zebras, buffalo and antelope, as well as Boat Cruises on Lake Mburo to get up close to hippos and crocodiles. Guided Nature Walks and Horseback Safaris are also popular ways to explore the park.

Game Drives

Go on Game Drives to spot zebras, impalas, buffaloes, and other wildlife
against the backdrop of rolling hills.

Boat Cruise

Enjoy a Boat Cruise on Lake Mburo to see hippos, crocodiles and water birds up close.

Horseback Safaris

Explore the park’s landscapes on horseback, offering a unique perspective on the wildlife.

Nature Walks

Walks with armed rangers offer a chance to get closer to animals and enjoy the smaller details of the ecosystem.

Salt Lick Viewing Point

Observe animals as they visit the natural salt lick, providing great photography opportunities.