About Kigali City

Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and is the main port of entry for the majority of visitors to Rwanda. Considered by many as one the safest, cleanest and greenest of Africa’s cities, Kigali is currently a vibrant and progressive city, still recovering from centuries of a disorderly state prior to 1994 Rwanda Genocide and large scale damage endured amid the Genocide. The extraordinary recovery, colorful skies and tranquility of this small, but beautiful city are truly remarkable and deserve to be experienced by our visitors. Across the city, development and investment are taking place, resulting in a thriving and buzzing urban life. With major international airlines gracing its soil, Kigali is a gateway to Rwanda and makes the country easily accessible.

Our tour of the city of Kigali provide an insight into Rwandan urban life, immerse into the historical sites such as the Kigali Genocide Museum and interaction with city dwellers as they go about their daily lives. Interested travelers may engage in the buzzing city nightlife.


Kigali Genocide Museum

Kigali Museums (Kandt House Museum, Kigali Art Museum & Campaign against Genocide Museum)

Belgian Peacekeepers Memorial 

Old Kigali (Nyamirambo, Mt.Kigali, Kimisagara)

New Kigali

Kigali Car Free Zones

Kimironko Local Market

Made in Rwanda Souvenirs Markets

Kigali Art Centers and Galleries

Kigali Fashion Houses

Coffee Master Class

Kigali Walking tour and Cooking Class

BK Arena

Nyandungu Eco-Park

Umusambi Village

Kigali Golf Club

Gahanga Cricket Stadium

Kigali Car Free Day (Bi-monthly mass sport)

Umuganda (Monthly Community Service)