About Bugesera

Bugesera is lowland, dry and arid Rwandan District, located in the South East of Kigali, about 15 km or one hour drive.

It is estimated that during the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Rwanda, Bugesera lost more than half its population. At the moment, Bugesea is one of the fast rising regions in Rwanda and is home to several historical sites as well as major infrastructural projects.

Bugesera International Airport

Discover Bugesera International Airport, an exciting development underway since 2017 in the Bugesera District of Rwanda. Located in the picturesque southeastern region near Rilima, this ambitious project is set to become Rwanda’s largest international gateway. It’s your gateway to the thriving Kigali metropolitan area, with convenient access for your international travel needs.

Ntarama Genocide Memorial

Pay your respects at Ntarama Genocide Memorial, one of the poignant genocide museums in Rwanda. This memorial in Bugesera District solemnly commemorates the tragic events of 1994 when a Catholic church became the site of unimaginable loss, with five thousand lives lost. A visit here is a tribute to the past and a step toward a more peaceful future.

Nyamata Genocide Memorial

Nyamata Genocide Memorial stands as a somber reminder of the Rwandan genocide of 1994. This powerful memorial, built around a former church, honors the memory of 50,000 souls. As one of Rwanda’s six national memorial sites, it serves as a place for reflection and remembrance.

Industrial Park

Experience the future at Industrial Park Bugesera, a cutting-edge industrial park co-developed by the Government of Rwanda and ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms (ARISE IIP) in the Eastern Province district. This dynamic hub is set to transform the local economy through timber, packaging, agro-processing, construction materials, logistics, and other vital industries.

Lakeside Recreation

Enjoy a serene retreat at Lakeside Fish Farm, offering breathtaking lake views, complimentary WiFi, and secure private parking. Situated in the heart of Bugesera, just 15 miles from the Nyamata Genocide Museum, it’s the perfect haven for relaxation. Savor a delightful continental breakfast and unwind in the lush garden.

Mbyo Reconciliation Village

Mbyo Reconciliation Village is a symbol of hope and healing. This remarkable village is one of nine created by Prison Fellowship Rwanda to promote peace building and conflict resolution among those involved in the genocide. It stands as a living monument to Rwanda’s commitment to unity and reconciliation, inspiring future generations.

Rweru Reconciliation Village

Experience the power of reconciliation at Rweru Reconciliation Village, one of Rwanda’s eight remarkable reconciliation villages. Here, former perpetrators and survivors of the genocide coexist, fostering peace and rebuilding the nation. It’s a testament to Rwanda’s dedication to harmony after tragedy.

Gashora Rural Life Experience

Immerse yourself in the authentic Gashora Rural Life Experience, a charming community surrounded by idyllic lakes. Located within the Bugesera District, Gashora is known for its resilience and simple, sustainable way of life. Families here predominantly depend on fishing and farming, offering a unique glimpse into local traditions and livelihoods.