Visit Rwanda: Explore the Land of Thousand Hills

Ever dreamt yourself in an all green and hilly vacation destination?  Imagine her on 26,338 sq. km in total area. It is not such a big size for a country right?  But to Rwanda, it’s not a stumbling block. Her strategic location in the renowned Great lakes region with the great East African Rift Valley alongside her is only worth it if you see it for yourself. Rwanda is covered in beautiful green mountainous landscape and woodland savannah. Rwanda is a unitary republic in Central and Eastern Africa bordering Uganda to the north, Tanzania to the east, Burundi to south, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the west. Though landlocked, the country is noted for her lakes. Despite being close to the equator, the climate is temperate due to the altitude with the highest point being Mount Karisimbi 4507m and lowest Rusizi River 950m. With Ikaze Rwanda Tours and Travel, you will explore these vegetations scattered around the country providing different exotic sceneries and animal views.

What Every Discerning Traveler must know about Rwanda?

The very unique background of about 35 Kings and 4 Presidents (plus 2 who were interim Presidents), #visit Rwanda with Ikaze Tours and Travel to know the history in the Country’s hills which has played a role in the stories that make up East and Central Africa in different ways. From the many wars fought for annexation to that for her liberation. In each of her regions having their own distinctive touristic features; let’s dine, leave, see epic sceneries, try accents, drink and dance to Rwanda dances and explore more uniquely what’s found in Rwanda that will blow your mind. On your visit to one of the most biologically diverse protected park (Virunga National Park) or Africa’s largest protected wetland (Akagera National park), Ikaze Tours and Travel offers you a once in a lifetime experience to remember.

Rwanda Population :

A very energetic and hardworking population now about 12.79 million people (2019 World Population Review Statistics), Ikaze Tours and Travel helps you see the very smiley and joyful population with the biggest demographic being the youths. Inspire of her tragic history, the youth have played the main role in the country’s truth and reconciliation plus overall reconstruction. We let you share with them to understand the passion for their motherland, one may not understand how they are greatly involved in the country’s socio-economical progress as well as political developments.

Visit and Explore the Economy of Rwanda:

With all the economic bureaucracy no more; Visit Rwanda, a country trying to put its stamp on the economic map, having created one of the smoothest and quickest ways to facilitate business owners to register and commence business operations in the country in close to 24 hours. This has helped the country’s infrastructure to improve tremendously to cope with the high demand that is being created by her fast growth. Having beautiful and rare places being accessible by the main modes of transport in the region and within the country i.e. (road, water and air) has been a driving factor that has led to the growth of her tourism.

Visit Rwanda People and Culture 

Culture, tears of joy rolling down chicks has been my emotions after watching the cultural dance in Rwanda. With the moves that are involved in the traditional dance to the deep knowledge poems, traditional food, board games, and storytelling by the elders which greatly influenced the liberation war. Rwanda’s culture spreading from one generation to the other is still being heard in the hills as people do IBITARAMO (these are traditional parties where the elderly shared with the young).

Rwanda Development Initiatives

Ikaze Tours and Travel provides a tour through developmental centers set up for the women in Rwanda. Through such different initiatives, we explore how women have risen in political structures hence being one of the many mysteries in Africa. Women take up 61.3% and 38.5% in the lower and upper house of the parliament respectively. This has also played a major role in their inclusion in the today to today growth of the country hence the fast and steady development. The efforts of these remarkable women can be tested if you visit and learn where they have come from and how far they are willing to go.

Why You Should Visit Rwanda today?

The privilege of being part of this tremendous history shouldn’t just pass you like that. Together we shall exploit the country’s capability to self distract and rebuild its self in less than three decades. As many around the world have only known Rwanda for the ugly past, why not adventure with Ikaze Tours and Travel to uncover the beautiful untold stories about Rwanda. I promise to tell the stories but, hope you will keep reading to so that you can determine your next adventure with Ikaze Tours and Travel.

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