Things to do on your Rwanda Tour

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Not just gorillas there are more exciting experiences in Remarkable Rwanda. Varied wildlife species, charming birds, awesome and diverse scenery, unique culture and fascinating history, learning /educational experiences, world-class venues for large conferences, simply something for everything! Contact Ikaze Rwanda and we will be pleased to enlighten on the following activities.


Primates trekking

Rwanda is home to over 14 species of primates, including one of the human’s closest living relatives, ‘chimpanzees’, L’hoest monkeys, Red-tailed monkeys, Blue monkeys, Vervet monkeys to name but a few.  Not to miss are the ‘big 4 primates’

Black & White Colubus Monkeys

Commonly referred to as ‘Rwenzori colobus, the sighting of these attractive monkeys in Rwanda is purely fabulous. Nyungwe national park is proudly home to these little primates, living in sizeable groups, including one of the habituated troops numbering more than 200 individuals

Golden Monkeys (Cercopithecus kandti)

The ‘little primates of Virunga’ listed on the red list of endangered species by International Union of Conservation of Nature are striking primates found in Rwanda’s volcanoes park living in large and well-habituated groups. Spotted by their bright orange-gold fur color, the visit to the golden monkeys’ reserves superb sighting and is a perfect way to acclimatize with a gorilla day.

Chimpanzee Trekking

Chimpanzees have over 90% of their genetic make-up shared with human beings, making the trek a fascinating wildlife experience. Roaming in small groups, with distinctive calls and drumming against the tree buttresses to communicate, they are heard way before the real sighting.  Rwanda is home to over 500 individuals!

Mountain Gorillas Trekking

Widely regarded as one the greatest and life-changing wildlife experience, Rwanda is blessed to be home of one-third of the world remaining mountain gorillas population and remains the preferred gorilla tracking destination due to its trekking convenience compared to other two destinations. Gorillas are a bucket list favorite for many visitors to Rwanda and are leading Rwanda’s conservation success story.Habitat: Volcanoes national park, in bamboo covered slopes, within 2,500 and 4,000m of altitude

Game Drive

Ikaze Rwanda is Rwanda’s premier safari planner, organizing tours throughout the year in the stunning Akagera national park.  Akagera is Rwanda’s ideal safaris destination, considered as one of the most scenic and diverse parks in Africa. The park boasts the largest protected wetland in central Africa as well. In fact, wetlands make this park unique, setting it apart from others in the region. The interlinking lakes and papyrus swamp cover a vast area, taking up around one-third of the park. A road network of over 200kms exists within the park areas of abundant wildlife or scenic beauty. 

Forest & Mountain Hikes

Rwanda; the land of thousand hills, is undeniably home to one of the most fantastic and adventurous hiking trails, leading to some of the world-famed spots such as the source of Nile and Dian Fossey tomb. Ikaze recommends following hiking trails:Nyungwe national park trailsNyungwe forest boasts a network of 13 well-maintained forest walk trails, ranging from a mere two hours to eight hours of different experiences and challenges. Trails reserve sightings of some of resident primates and birds, scenic waterfalls and…the famous source of river Nile, to name but a few.Nyungwe Canopy walk hikeThe one and only canopy walk in East Africa is perched in Rwanda’s Nyungwe National park, a 200 m long and towering 75m high hanging platform, offering stunning views to the treetops, down and across the rainforests.

Bird Watching

Rwanda is one of Africa’s most rewarding bird destinations, with over 1,450 bird species (of which 27 are Albertine Rift endemics), mainly residents of the three important bird areas namely Volcanoes national park (178 species), Akagera national park (+ 500 species) and Nyungwe national park (+ 310 species). The migrant bird season is from December till February.  Notable species include elusive and much sought after shoebill stork, Papyrus Gonolek, Bennett’s Woodpecker, purple –breasted sunbird, Archer’s Ground Robin, Dusky Crimsonwing and many more. Ikaze Rwanda expert bird guides are ready for this activity throughout the year.

Congo Nile Trail

This 227km (141 miles) trail stretching the Kivu belt, a lakeside corridor starting in Rubavu, continues through Rutsiro via Karongi and Nyamasheke districts and ends at Rusizi. The trail is of exquisite landscapes, which include rolling hills and clear waters. The whole hike takes up to ten days. However, different sections of the trail can be completed for visitors with less time at their disposal. Biking the trail takes approximately five days while three days suffice for driving along the circuit in 4×4 vehicles.


Volcano Climbing


There are five volcanoes on the Rwandan side of the Virunga mountain range, including the country’s highest peak; Mt.Karisimbi, standing 4,507m above sea level. Hiking lasts from one to five days, the popular being the hike to the Crater Lake at the summit of Mt. Bisoke (3,711m above sea level).Dian Fossey tomb hike in Volcanoes national parkThis beautiful yet challenging trail of up 3,000 meters up the slopes leads to the tomb of the legendary primatologist and gorilla advocate late Dian Fossey, and gorilla commentary.

Tea Plantation Tours

Ikaze Rwanda arranges tea tours across various places in Rwanda. The fertile volcanic soil and temperate climate create ideal growing conditions for Rwanda to produce some of the finest teas in the world. Hiking within tea plantations in areas around Gisovu, Gisakura and Nyungwe guarantees you rare views and there, you learn first hand how tea leaves are harvested, processed and up until you test on the cup of fresh tea.

Cave Tours

Rwanda has got a rich cave system, most of them formed over centuries as a result of a volcanic activity. For instance, Musanze caves, 1.25 mile long series of cave formation and the walk takes around one hour.