The Twists of Lake Muhazi: Explore the Beauty of Rwanda’s Waters

Early as the sun rises, we set off for a 40 kilometers drive east of Kigali with Ikaze Tours and Travel, destination is the shores of Lake Muhazi, Located in a very a laid-back, subtle charm all on its own, very close from and to Kigali, which makes it meaningless not to visit these twisting shores.

Long and shallow, Lake Muhazi twists and turns its way for 40km and more to reach its eastern shore through a flooded valley it occupies. Akagera national park well renowned as one of Africa’s largest protected wetland close by Lake Muhazi. The east end of the lake is right along the road to Nyagatare district, also known as the “Land of Milk” because of its high production of milk. As we arrive, the morning sunrise along the hills mixed with the cold breeze, are the proper morning calls you need to start letting leisure take over your body.

With the over hilltop town, Gahini rich in its religious history sits just across the lake’s east end. A visit on a Sunday during service at the historical Gahini Anglican Cathedral will thrill you hence recently earning its self to be a regional heritage centre.

This trip can’t end without getting out on the water and Ikaze Tours and Travel helps set up fishing and birding expeditions on the lake.Visits for sightings of an African fish eagle, Malachite kingfisher, Pied kingfisher, Swamp flycatcher, and many more are a specialty for Ikaze Tours and Travel. Just a few minutes into the visit we are helped to see an African fish eagle. Lake Muhazi also has different types of fish species like Tilapia and Marbled lungfish among others.

Though it’s only some 40km long and more east to west, with Ikaze Tours and Travel’s 4×4 (four-wheel drive) we decide to explore the different branch offs of the lake only to discover a very green agricultural view that makes you smile and acknowledge why you need to visit Rwanda, where the terraced hillsides tumble down to the water’s edge and beyond.

Lake Muhazi has towns near the lakeshore which are Gahini and Rwesero east and west respectively, and both have a couple of guesthouses and newly created golf club where you can arrange a variety of aquatic and sports activities. Fishing, birding, and boating trips and a few holes at The Falcon Golf club and country are highlights of any trip to Lake Muhazi. And of course you can’t have a good trip without good food and with the sudden increase in interest a lot of businesses have opened up hence providing a lot of options from local to international dishes. Places like Falcon golf and country club, Jambo Beach, Kingfisher beach Restaurant and more provide a variety of vegetarian to barbeques hence making you visit lively. With a beautiful sunset comes fresher breeze that temps you to book a room for another sunrise, but it is time to travel back. Till the next adventure,

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