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Rwanda, Northern Province, Kigali
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Discover the origin of Rwandan coffee and get to know the women who produce it on this comprehensive full-day tour. Located just two hours away from Kigali, you will have the chance to meet the remarkable female coffee farmers who are dedicated to producing exceptional, specialty-grade coffee for customers all over the globe.


  • Head out to a coffee Farm with the group and pick coffee seeds
  • Learn about the various stages of coffee production and how the beans are transformed into the coffee we drink
  • Participate in the processing of the beans and see how they are roasted
  • Take a break and taste some of the coffee that has been produced so far
  • Learn about blending and create your own unique coffee blend
  • Have a coffee tasting session and compare your blend with those of the other members of the group


Day 1: Morning
Day 1: Morning

Meet your driver and off to Gisenyi, a journey that takes about 3-4 hours from Kigali, and you spend the time admiring the lush green hills and valleys of Rwanda. Your driver makes a few stops along the way so you can get out and stretch your legs, and you take the opportunity to snap some photos of the stunning scenery. Finally, you arrive in Gisenyi, a charming resort town on the shores of Lake Kivu. You drive about 20 minutes out of town to the starting point of the Congo Nile Trail, where you meet a group of local women from a cooperative initiative. The women are friendly and welcoming, and they introduce you to their village. You learn about their way of life, and you have the chance to participate in some of their daily activities, such as farming, traditional food making and tasting, handcraft lessons and a participatory traditional dancing class. Typical activities include full rural life experience of a local peasant, traditional food making and tasting, handcraft lesson and a participatory traditional dancing class. We strongly advise our guests to purchase locally crafted souvenirs to directly support and empower local artisans. As soon as your experiences come to an end, you’ll bid farewell to your host and late afternoon, return to Kigali. Time permitting, you’ll be driven around the beautiful town of Gisenyi. Drop-off at your residence in Kigali and end of the tour.

Day 1: Afternoon

You spend the day getting to know the women and learning about their culture. You have a wonderful time, and you leave feeling inspired and enriched by your experience. We strongly advise our guests to purchase locally crafted souvenirs to directly support and empower local artisans. As you drive back to Kigali, you reflect on the day. You are grateful for the opportunity to have experienced the authentic Rwandan village life. You know that you will never forget this day.


  • A visit to a coffee washing station where each stage of coffee processing will be demonstrated.
  • A chance to witness the farmers roasting coffee and serving it to guests.
  • A stop for lunch at the Women's Opportunity Center.
  • A coffee gift bag for each attendee.


Full day (7+ hours)

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Rwanda, Northern Province, Kigali
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